Joel Batchelor

American // Alexandria, VA, USA



Joel has had a love of music since a very young age. He first got into music through a next door neighbor at the house he spent the first ten years of his life in. His neighbor would come over & he would teach him how to read music on a Remo drum pad (A drum pad that he still has to this day). He first got into DJing while frequenting a roller skating rink in Clinton, Maryland. Going through the records & crates, and playing 33s and 45s (the “hokey pokey” was a popular 45 for the skating rink), he got his first glimpse of feeling a crowd react to putting a specific record on, and playing the right song at the right time and for the right occasion. A DJ didn’t show up one week, and Joel filled in, playing what he remembered the other DJs playing from the many weeks that he spent time at the skating rink.

Joel spent a lot of time creating mixtapes on actual cassette tapes (like many of us back in the day). Through this hobby he learned the importance of putting music in the right sequence to set a mood for the listening experience. Playing the right song at the right time is very important when putting on a performance. Trying to have the newest and most relevant music while being creative with certain tracks that you may not have heard before or at least in awhile became a staple for Joel. To this day, the art of preparing (as much as possible) for a set in advance, and tailoring the music to the audience is something that Joel prides himself on, and it shows in each set he spins.

While working at Tattoo Bar in Washington, D.C., Joel would stick around after hours & play music DVDs for the barbacks as they would mop and close down the bar. It was here where he learned how to use modern DJ equipment, and this is also where he got his first taste of spinning music videos. Through this practice, he saw the effect that seeing a video added to the overall experience of the set. He also discovered ways to be creative in his mixing and song selection. Certain videos tie together similar to how two different tracks can tie together. This serves as a real way to show his true love of music. While Joel can truly outperform when it comes to standard DJing, the opportunity to perform a video mix is one that Joel really looks forward to. The tracks that Joel uses are capable of simply audio or audio and video, so there really is no difference between an audio only and an audio/video set, other than the fact that videos can be displayed on available televisions or on a wall with a projector.

Joel has experience DJing for small & large nightclubs, private & corporate events, and weddings. DJing is his passion, and something that he puts a lot of pride in. He works tirelessly to make sure that the music selection is catered to his client’s requests, and he tries to prepare a set that will truly make his client’s event one of a kind. From a great get together with friends for a birthday, to a grand opening of a new location of a business, to a day that a lucky couple will remember forever, Joel turns every party into a “Batchelor Party,” which in his words is “The one that you’ll always talk about. The party of all parties. An experience that exceeds your expectations. One that’s special and unforgettable.”



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